Dog Cafes

When dog lovers get together in the daytime to enjoy a great meal, it is often the case that they will head off for a meal with some dog cafes. Why would any person get into a restaurant, drink beer or wine and head out into the countryside only to take their dog along?

It seems the idea of dog lovers getting together in the day time and enjoying the company of dogs only brings up the question of dog controlling when out walking or running with your dog. It can be difficult to see why someone could take their dog along with them if there are many other people around. And to think, not all of the places are quite as reputable as they claim.

The best thing to do is to consider booking your dog in a cafe. There are many dog cafes in London that you can choose from. Here we look at some.

Dogs In London is a cafe that caters for the needs of both dog owners and their pups. They have in fact been awarded the "Best Food Cafe" by People's Pets, this can be an indication of how good the food is.

London is famed for its best coffees and brews and there's no better place than lingering to have a wonderful brew. If you're worried about what might happen if your dog does end up enjoying a coffee in this case then they do have a dog-friendly menu.

The Doggy Cafe has two locations in the capital, one in Hyde Park and the other in Mayfair. It offers a unique blend of dog and human interaction as you sit down with your own pup and enjoy a delicious bite to eat. You can also spend a relaxing evening on their terrace, which is ideally suited for a quick drink and chat with friends.

Dog Dogs has a stunning courtyard on their site in London. They offer their adorable pooches and doggie's the best dog dog cafe food around. They have a number of activities that may appeal to the dog lover.

Shabby Lion is another unique dog cafe. They have high street stores to their menu, all being held back in the doorway by an inflatable dog house. They also have all the amenities that you would expect in a normal dog cafe.

Your dog can nap in their own cot while you sit in the cafe and enjoy a meal. They do not offer a dining area, but you can order a hot dog and drink to go and enjoy your meal. For some people, the cafe offers a more casual atmosphere with a laid back atmosphere.

Eau Claire is the choice for dog lovers in the area. They specialise in Asian cuisine and have a number of different kinds of drinks available such as drinks and juice.

There are dog cafes in London that cater for all your needs from dog walkers to eat at cafes. It is up to you what you decide to go for, but the dog café really is a great way to enjoy a meal and maybe even have a chat with your dog too.